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About AEO

The Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) is the national trade association for U.S. microbusiness and represents the interests of underserved entrepreneurs across the country. We are the leading voice of micro business, with member organizations in every state, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. Our members provide financing, coaching, mentoring, and other business services to build the capacity of these small businesses so that they can create jobs, build economic security for families and meet community needs. For more than 20 years, AEO has worked to ensure that policies and programs are in place to support and grow these underserved small businesses. AEO provides valuable insight into the opportunities and critical issues facing this growing segment of businesses and works with an expanding network of partners to lead the industry in developing sustainable solutions.

AEO and You:  Benefits of Membership

There’s no better way to strengthen your organization’s capability and broaden its reach than by utilizing the products, services and networks available to AEO members. AEO and its members and partners reach more than one million underserved entrepreneurs across the US.



For over 20 years, AEO has been the leading voice of microbusinesses in the US.

Membership Benefits

Your membership will connect you with products, services, information and networks that will help you run and grow your organization.

Services & Resources

AEO members have access to programs, services, as well as access to the AEO network of members and friends.

Advocacy, Policy, Influence

As a member you will receive frequent policy updates and access to policy-makers in the US government.


AEO is raising the profile of the work you do through our presence in Washington, our website, newsletters, conferences and much more.

Engagement & Exchange

As an AEO member you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and engage with other members and partners that are all working to support Main Street business.

Advocacy, policy and influence: AEO’s dedicated team of government relations professionals works in Washington every day to make a strong case on behalf of the work you do and why you are so critical to your clients’ success. AEO members benefit from regular policy updates and access to policy-makers on Capitol Hill, in federal agencies and in the White House. Additionally, AEO is a leading member of several policy networks which allows our organization to extend the reach of our collective voice.

Visibility: AEO raises the profile of the work you do and can help promote your organization. You will be featured in AEO's searchable database of microbusiness development organizations that averages 10,000 visitors each month. In addition, you will be featured on AEO’s website as a member we will highlight new coverage of your organization to our entire network. Our communications team will also work with your organization to create opportunities for media exposure in your community and provide collaborative marketing messages to be shared with your constituents.

Engagement and Exchange of Ideas: By joining AEO, your organization has the opportunity to exchange ideas and engage with other AEO members and partner organizations across the nation that support Main Street businesses. This diverse group is eager to interact with other organizations that care about job growth, and supporting microbusinesses. With a membership base that includes hundreds of financial service providers and a broad array of entrepreneurial educators and trusted business advisors, joining AEO offers an opportunity for your organization to connect, learn and grow.

Membership Partner Offers: When you join AEO, you will join an established association of organizations who, like yours, are dedicated to protecting the interests of underserved entrepreneurs and advancing microbusiness in the U.S. The network also includes partners who support and work to advance the industry in myriad ways.

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